Let’s Get Going, Zac!

On this page, I have included a summary of the services we have discussed.

If you decide to go with a maintenance-only plan, you have the option of monthly, bi-annual (one month free) and annual (four months free) plans.

Also listed are the chatbot monthly and a package deal for website maintenance/chatbot/contest.


Be sure to look over this whole page before deciding what to purchase!

Chatbot for Facebook Page and Website

  • Advanced chatbot designed to answer questions from customers
  • Analyze incoming questions to modify bot to best answer customer questions.
  • Drastically reduce the time needed to answer questions on Facebook.
  • Can be updated on a weekly basis
  • If you need more frequent updating (such as specific product availability), it would be available at an additional fee of $20 per update
  • Create a growing list of target audience for Facebook ads
  • Send out weekly broadcasts to chatbot subscribers notifying them of new auctions in the category they have expressed interest in
  • After the chatbot is built and functional, it will also be installed on your website to assist with customer service.

$197/mo up to 1,000 subscribers

Website Maintenance

All plans below include:

  • Keep the website secure from attacks with premium security software
  • Maintain daily file backups
  • Maintain weekly backups of the entire database
  • Keep all website software up to date and secure
  • Delete obsolete images from sold listings
  • Emergency “24/7 on-call” insurance. If your website goes down, I am on it to get it back up and running as quickly as possible
  • To make things easier (and cheaper), email delivery will remain handled by my servers.

These plans provide the peace of mind knowing your website is safe and secure.

24 Hour Support

It’s a big deal.

All of these maintenance plans include 24-hour uptime guarantee. 

If your site is hacked, broken, or otherwise disabled, one call will have me on the case to have your site back up ASAP!

There is no substitute for that kind of peace of mind.

Package Deals

These plans include:

  • All Website Maintenance Features
  • All Chatbot functionality
  • Also includes running one viral contest per month ($100 value) to grow customer base